Saturday, November 24, 2012

Under a Leaden Sky

First morning out from Moonshaes, was called to the Great Cabin to open that certain Box which I had looted from Silver Rose. I discovered by careful examination that said Box had a lancet armed with Poison; this Fang having been pulled, I was able, with much vexation, to trick the lock Open, although I was first obliged to sing a Spell, for to rake the lock required Three hands and so I must conjure for myself a third.

The box having been opened, we found what the Captain said were deeds to various properties, be they shares in a Dwarven mine or some northern Forest, or estates around Athkatla or Waterdeep. Of what use they might be, I know not, for were I possessed of the Estate, as I imagine agents of Sanremi must be, I would not easily give it up with just the waving of a slip of paper, but nonetheless I hope they are valuable. There were also within the box Ingots of precious metals; a carven Figurine of a falcon, wrought of some ebon stone and with a leather thong bearing a white Feather at the base; a plate of worked metal etched with Symbols; and a pouch bearing Coins of many nations, some strangely wrought, being squares or octagons with holes punched through, others graved with strange Letters from unknown tongues, some mere chips of stone with runic marks.  I had hoped and expected a share of the Wealth within the box, for without my Daring and skill it had still been safe ensconced on Silver Rose, but, alas, this has not come to pass.

Passed the forenoon watch with Mr Hazlitt, who must grudging admit that I know lines and knots, although there are many other facets of a naval Officer's education on which he stands ready for discourse.

We have added a new Crewman, signed aboard at Llewellyn, viz a half Orcen warrior who calls himself Kanak Angrod of Ashenfirth, who is nigh twice my height and six times my weight, and bears a sword as tall as he is. And this is a marvel, for his skin is a blue green like watered Turquoise, or the shallows of the clear Sea, and his hair like seaweed, and his breastplate has the sheen of Mother of pearl. He had difficulty facing Captain Greyson at this afternoon's sword play, taking many touches and giving, as I saw, only the one; yet I warrant that in battle, that one might cleave a man in twain. He is not given much to speaking and what words he has are blunt, but he seems honest enough. He reminds me of Laithoren, a fact I shall point out to neither of them, but this I think is because they both hail from distant lands and are, it seems, little familiar with cities. I like him well enough, but then I like all travelers far from home, as indeed am I myself.

Gunther, having examined the Slate that came with the keg of Dwarvish ale, and the markings thereon, said that the word it bore was Uzzik, viz Friend of the dwarves. At dinner, I and the midshipmen hauled out the said keg, and passed tankards all round the wardroom, not forgetting Gunther, and the company received it most gratefully.

Passed the evening in Study of the chart of the Moonshaes, and the mathematick arts, and, more happily, adding lines to the Lay of the Seawarder. And so to bed.

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  1. Something Kestrel didn't see, but would have been mightily amused by: this big burly war orc was assigned to a compartment that happened to be across from Inae's herbarium. Inae's silver-furred otter came out to investigate. So the orc and the otter, neither of them knowing what manner of creature the other was, got into a staring contest, each trying to Intimidate the other...