Sunday, September 16, 2012

Kestrel Langstaff, called Ghostbane

Rogue 1 / Swashbuckler 3 / Bard 1 (Bardic Sage)
STR 12 DEX 18 CON 14 INT 14 WIS 8 CHA 14

  • Two weapon fighting: rapier and dagger
  • Combat Reflexes
  • Deft opportunist
  • Weapon finesse
  • Daredevil acrobat
Other abilities:
  • Trapfinding
  • Grace (+1 to reflex save)
  • Insightful strike (+INT mod to damage)
  • Flaw: Shaky -- -2 to ranged
Bard spells:
  • Prestidigitation
  • Light
  • Message
  • Read Magic
  • Detect Magic
  • Bardic Music: Healing Hymn, Inspire Courage

Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Million Sparks of Song

The trees of Tor Wood are tall, such that in the evening gloom and the mist that pervades this land, I could little see even the tops of the trees, and the Sky not at all. And it is quiet, with no buzz of insect or trill of birdcall, nor any sound save the chuckling of the creeks and the footfalls of my companions on the moss and stone. The journey was uneasy, with much climbing up and down, and us troubled by our wounds, and the wood brooding. But at the end of this journey we came unto a place which was a fane of the Earthmother, wherein stood three Trees, not like the others, for those were straight and slender, but these, mighty and spreading, in the manner of an oak, and their roots tumbled together, and old, old. In the compass of the roots before them was a hollow, and in that hollow was a Pool, being about a rod across, and very deep, and unruffled by any breath of wind, and even I, who am more inclined to merriment than reverence, knew it to be a Holy thing, numinous and fearsome. Inae was troubled, for there should have been a Guardian but none appeared, but she saw no hurt to the Well. She knelt there and prayed, and drank of the Well, and then bade me do likewise, and I did.
And here is a wondrous thing, for behold, when I drank of the Well, I saw a mighty shower of sparks, as from some great smith's hammer, but each spark was a Song, and I could see them and hear them, all at once, the myriad colors and melodies, a thundercloud of butterflies, and the stars sang together, and all my wounds were healed.
That night, in the first watch as Inae slept, Owain and I spake, and he taught me songs of virtue, that could make bold a fighting man, or bring light to darkness, or diverse other things. He taught me also the Lay of the Elder King of Moonshaes, and another concerning Three Northlander Brothers and the Clever Ffolke, which I shall turn into a merry tale of Foxwit the Halfling and the Biggers. I in turn told him the news of Waterdeep, and the tale of a roguish halfling and the Admiral he bearded, the which Owain will make into a song, and I taught him also the halfling song Beer Comes in Pints, which amused him.
In the morning we arose, and with proper ceremony filled our Flask of the moonwell, and departed the Forest of Tor. And it came to pass, as we traveled, that we espied a light, as from a candle, but naught which might make it. I crept upon it, and coming close, perceived that it was a snare or trap, but before I could say aught to my companions, there sprang upon me a mighty Beast, which smote me with claw and fang. I could not overcome its Strength but, being nimble, slipt from its Grasp. The beast then rounded on Inae, who had burnt it with Spells. It charged her, and mauled her, wounding her grievously, but I stood over her, and smote the creature with sword and dagger, and slew it. Inae named it a Swamplight Lynx, and said that the beast makes a dancing light, as a will of the wisp, and thereby lures its prey, which, it would appear, includes halflings and humans. I took its claws as a trophy. Inae prayed and healed our hurts, although her dress was much rent, and I lent her my Cloak to cover her.
When we came to that dell wherein the Bandits had attacked us, we saw that the bodies had become mere bones, and the mail rust, as if many years had passed, although these were verily the bandits I had slain but yesterday. Inae said that this was the work of the Earthmother, to restore balance.
As we came to the cliffs we spied a man, and I thought it Laithoren, but could scarce credit it, and speculated that perhaps the elf ghost had returned, or Grayson had regained his strength, or I knew not what. But lo, it was indeed Laithoren, come to search us out, for Prosperity had found our cove and landed boats. Inae gave of the water of the Well to Grayson and the two sailors, and their vigor was restored, and they were able to go on the boats. Owain, seeing that we should depart, gave me a jewel of some virtue, saying that it would reveal danger on my path. And so it came to pass that we bid farewell to Owain Dylan, and took to the sea, and returned to Prosperity.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Kestrel has achieved 5th level !
He's adding Bard to his current Rogue / Swashbuckler build.

Monday, September 10, 2012


Josh took the Brits, who are tasked with attacking in this battle, although there's no real terrain objective or time limit. He launched a quick bayonet assault on a unit in my center, destroying ith, and then withdrew because he had no other cards to use. After that it was some long range artillery fire which wiped out my battery on the right, plus lots of reshuffling of troops, both sides wishing that we had useful cards.
I brought my light infantry on the right up into the town; the Rifles whittled it down to one block, but I played a Rally card (even though I had no other damaged units) to save it and got two blocks back. I fired on the Rifles, killing two of three blocks, and they retreated. The next turn, I fired on a five-block British Light Infantry unit, with a +1 for the card play, and ended up rolling five dice--for five hits! Josh was disgusted. He directed artillery at my Legere until he wiped it out, but they will live on in song and story.
After that it was more shuffling units around and waiting for cards. I tried a cavalry charge but ended up losing my squadron without doing anything to the target. That left me with three infantry and nothing else on my right; after a while, Josh amassed the cards to send his three cavalry (two heavy, one light) across to force my units into square, after which he sent three battalions of infantry to finish them off.
Final score: Brits 6, French 1.
I've read about the difficulties of attack in C&C:N, but the defense is also difficult. As the attacker, at least you get to hoard all your "left flank" cards, if that's where you want to attack; as the defender, you have to be prepared to respond in any sector, and not enough cards for a reserve.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

To the Moonwell

At first light Inae prayed, and I gathered stones for my sling, the three things to be had in abundance at the cove being stones and salt water and fog, and nought else. Left Grayson on watch, though in Truth he is not fit to stand, being still sick from the poison, but the sailors are yet more so than him, and Moffrey bound and gagged for we dare not set him loose. We gathered lines from the boat's rigging, and water, and set out, Inae and I and her otter, for the moon well, in hopes the water thereof would be a Curative proof against the venom.
The cliffs around the cove being wet and fog-covered and steep, would be not easy for me to climb, nor at all for Inae, therefore our sole way inland led up a defile or gorge, floored in loose stone and roofed by the gloom but otherwise not ill, we thought. We had gone a scant half mile when a Spirit appeared, an elven Lord of antique raiment and angry mien. In his hand was a ghostly sword, and from there tip thereof leapt a Spark of blue flame, like lightning, which struck me in the chest, burning me sore and also ruining my shirt, the second in two days, which Vexed me greatly. The Spirit gave forth a great wailing cry, and, being unable to stand its Power we fled. We took counsel and advanced again, to the same end, I being wounded again at the hand of this ghost. There being no other Path to the moonwell, we perforce essayed a third time, this time with my blade anointed with a mystical oil, and with Inae's blessing upon me. The Spirit had hidden in the depths of a great stone, and sprang upon me from close behind, but this proved his Undoing, for in his eagerness he came within reach of my Blade, and one shrewd stroke dispersed him, like smoke in a wind.
At this, a Man came forth from hiding, and said that we had done him a great favor, but that the Spirit had not been slain but would return, but with our Help the ghost might be laid to rest. The man, hight Owain Dylan, is an itinerant minstrel, as my mother was, and indeed he took a great interest in the Mandolin she passed down to me, although his own instrument is a Bodhran, which is curious kind of Drum. He spake of the Spirit, who he named Elereisolon the Seawarder, a ghost who had guarded this coast for many long years. The Sprit, being roused by the landing of foreign boats, might be placated if said Boat, viz, ours, withdrew, and the elven victory dirge was sung in his hearing. We loosed Moffrey and gave him bread and water and his dirk whereupon he, being addled by Inae's arts, was agreeable to take the Yawl and its oars, and set out to sea, and did so. We took the yawl's mast and yard and sails, for a shelter for Grayson and the men, and also so that Moffrey, without sail, cannot return against the current to the cove, for he might work a Mischief upon Greyson, or the men. Owain then taught us the Song, in a bygone Elven dialect, a mournful thing which laments the Cost of battle even as it recognizes Victory. We set forth up the gorge, singing, and the Spirit manifested, but the music verily wrought upon him even as Owain had said, and he rested at last from his long watch, and we passed by in peace.
Owain coming with us, and he and I speaking of many things, we marched towards the Moonwell, it being some ten miles distant, and we hoping to reach it before nightfall. The gorge floor rose and at last let us out on the level of those tablelands whose end is the sea cliffs. The land is heath* and rocky shelves, not the easiest for travel but no great difficulty for those afoot. And so we continued for some hours until, in the afternoon, I espied bandits, viz, three Archers and two Swordsmen who lay in wait, having perhaps heard our singing, I know not.
I called out to the nearest swordsman, but he answered not, but instead, seeing their Ambuscade was discovered, he raised his sword and rushed at us. Therefore I gave a mocking bow, and spake again to him, saying, Shall we dance?, whereupon he stumbled, and his stroke went wide, and my counter took him easily through the Brisket. Their bowmen, seeing their man thus felled, took aim at me, and one did me great harm, though the others missed. Not liking to stay where the Ambushers meant to have us, I sprang through the bushes and engaged one archer, wounding him and turning him so he stood between me and his fellows, who evidently cared not Overmuch for him, for they continued to loose arrows at me, and pierced him instead. I heard Owain begin to play his drum, which I did not understand at the time, although he has since said that the song lends Strength and Courage to those friends who fight under its influence, and he promises to teach me the way of it. A valuable skill, I expect, although the art of the Blade is, I warrant, more useful in such times. I sped to the second archer, and with a few strokes Dispatched him. The second swordsman, having sorely wounded Inae and Owain, turned to me, but Inae summoned a Wolf, or the phantom thereof, and set it upon him, and while he was distracted thereby, I slew him, and the last bowman as well. I examined the bodies, but they seemed simple Bandits, with nothing of great worth or note. Not desiring to delay our mission, we left them where they lay, and came at last to the Forest of Tor, an ancient wood, dark and deep, wherein lies the Moonwell.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

VSF / Colonial Factions

If you're exploring Lost Worlds, what foes and factions might you run into?
  • Ordinary tribes
  • Unusually savage tribes
  • Cannibals / headhunters
  • Dinosaurs
  • Expeditions from other modern nations (Russia, Japan, USA, Confederacy, Prussia, French Foreign Legion, Belgium, etc)
  • Rebels from other modern nations
  • Martians (Tharks, Barsoomian red men, War of the Worlds Martians)
  • Mad or irritable scientist with fighting machines
  • Jungle gods
  • Descendants of ancient civilizations (Romans, Carthaginians, Aztecs, Egyptians etc)
  • Combinations of the above

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Going Ashore

Spent the night at Sea in the boat, alternately, Wet & Cold, then Cold & Wet, then Drenched & Cold & In Fear Of Capsizing, then Cold & Drenched, etc etc. The next day, in the forenoon sighted a reaver Longship, whereupon we, with some effort, stepped the second mast and made all speed toward the Coast. Continued wet, cold, sleepless, & hungry, but as Inai also was cold, and wet, and wearing nought save thin silk, I thought it not mete to complain on what Fortune gave.
Discovered the said coast was inhospitable, viz, breakers on Cliffs & no place to land. Uncertain of position, but as a Storm brewed to the south, we sailed North. Found a break in the cliffs and a hidden Cove. The boat, being lifted by a Swell onto a submerged rock, did Capsize, but by clinging to oars, we came ashore without loss. No sign of Habitation nor shelter, but used the Oars, cloaks & branches of certain Trees to form a rude Lean To against the rock face, giving some little shelter against the Rain which has continually beset us.
Spoke with Moffrey, who, he says, was an agent of Sanremi House, sent to discover that device in the Great Cabin. He says he was discovered by Ventir in the Great Cabin, and, being attacked by the latter, stunned him, whereupon, he says, Ventir through mischance fell and broke his neck, whilst also driving his own Dirk into his side. Some fraction of this Tiradiddle could be, I suppose, in some wise true--albeit not much. He spake also of his magickal Belt, the which I have taken as spoils, and which, upon the speaking of certain words from an Elvish lay, reveals pockets, of the same likeness as my haversack albeit better hid and less capacious. There are divers vials, flasks, and tools therein.
Secured the Yawl and a mast through some effort on the rocks and in the water, then slept. Greyson and the two sailors are still weak from Poison, and cannot walk any distance. We must consider whether to send one or two of us west to find a road, or north where Inai hopes to find a moonwell, or all to put to sea again. And what is to be done with Moffrey? I favor a moment's work with a bodkin but Inai thinks ill of it.
It is now the second Morning after leaving the ship. I write this by candlelight as we await the dawn.

C&C Napoleonic QRS

The reference sheets for C&C: Napoleonic suck. Just....suck. A QRS should be one sheet. Not four pages for the Brits, four pages for the French, plus another one for Terrain.