Thursday, November 15, 2012

Father Paul

A character for a Monster Hunter International campaign, using Savage Worlds rules, set in Upper Canada in 1870. Father Paul is almost certainly a priest and may have been a cavalryman before that. He may be Polish, although he's not sure. He doesn't know why he's in Canada; indeed, he doesn't know his name.

  • Agility d6
  • Smarts d6
  • Spirit d8
  • Strength d4
  • Vigor d6
  • Charisma +0
  • Pace 6"
  • Parry 5
  • Toughness 5 (+1 leather coat)
  • Faith d8
  • Fighting d6
  • Healing d6
  • Notice d6
  • Riding d6
  • Shooting d6
  • Language 1:  Latin (Greek accent)
  • Language 1: French (Russian accent)
  • Heroic
  • Priest/Vows
  • Fractured Memory
  • Arcane Resistance
  • Arcane Background (Miracles): 10 power points
    • Boost/Lower Trait
    • Heal
Gear: Yataghan (STR+d6), knife, Starr revolvers (.44 cal, 6 shot), Colt Police revolver (.38 cal, 5 shot), double barrel shotgun, leather coat.

Weapon kit: ammo, lead, molds, powder, whetstone, oil, strop
Horse kit: horse, saddle and tack, grain, blanket, curry comb, etc
Priest kit: Bible, cross, liturgy book, wine, holy water, chalice, incense, vestments
Traveler kit: bedroll, rations, camp cooking gear, rope, tent, matches, lantern
Miscellaneous items:
  • half melted ropy silver thing, might have been a three branched candelabra 
  • ivory oval plaque carved with a raven
  • spyglass
  • dynamite, 17 sticks

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