Sunday, August 26, 2012

Two Hour Wargames

I've ordered the print copies of Colonial Adventures, Lost Lands, and Lemuria, from Two Hour Wargames. When you buy the print copies, you also get PDFs, so, I'm reading the rules now.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

To the Boats

When we recovered our sight, the imposter had cut loose the jolly boat and drifted astern. I ordered the Men to swing out the yawl* so that we might pursue. Ghostly voices confused the crew, and some tenebrous Fog covered the quarterdeck. Laithoren and I went to the taffrail in hopes of Sighting the jolly boat before it passed beyond arrow shot, but it was Invisible.
Grayson and Inai cried to us to join them (and two sailors, and Inai's otter) in the Yawl, it being adrift and the Prosperity surging past it, therefore I caught up a Line and swung down**. Laithoren demurred, I know not why, but speculate not for want of Courage; for he is no sailor, and likely could not shoot well from a small boat in the open Sea, and may have thought instead to take Aim from the quarterdeck. But as we in the yawl pulled away, a mighty Thunderclap smote the ship, coming, as it seemed, from the wardroom or the Great Cabin, the lights of which blew out with spray of Glass and stench of vile Alchemy. The rudderhead was sundered, and I know not what further Hurts the ship may have suffered; for Prosperity being rudderless was unable to Wear, and, sailing on, was soon lost to our sight in the Rain.
We in the yawl espied some Flaw in the veil of invisibility over the jolly boat, and our brave sailors pulling lustily at their oars, we drew closer. I flung several sling bullets at the dimly seen shape, but know not whether I hit. I believe, though, that I must have discommoded the imposter, for he rose up and cast a bolt of black fire, and then another, the both of which hit me and burned, but not too severely. We drew closer, and it seemed we would soon be able to leap into the jolly boat and finish the matter, but the imposter hurled some thing which, landing in our boat, was shewn to be a dozen Snakes, who struck at us. Grayson and I slew them, but Grayson and the sailors having taken Venom, were unable to pull at the oars, and we drifted further away from our Prey. Inai's otter, however, being in the water, knew where the jolly boat was***, and discerning this, I, with Inai's blessing, leapt into the water, and swam with the Wings of the Sea. Upon reaching the jolly boat, it was Out Steel, up over the Transom, and have at him. His blade was the longer, but I slipped past his point, and put him down with one thrust. Thence it was a simple matter of binding and gagging him, and steering back to the others. Him being unconscious, Mellon's visage faded from him, and behold, the magician was the hapless Moffrey! Inai tended his wounds, and he awoke, and would have stirred, but I vouchsafed to him that, I having thought hard on whether to bandage him or to put a dagger through his eye, and having made the one choice once, I should, an he gave me cause to rethink it, be inclined to try the other choice. He took my meaning at once, and subsided.
Prosperity still being beyond our sight, and maybe sunk by the injury done her, we took counsel. With the help of Inai and Grayson, I stepped the mast, and set course as best I could for Llewellyn, the wind being from the northeast and favorable, and that being the nearest city, and further a likely choice for Prosperity to seek repairs if she is able. By good fortune I had foodstuffs in my haversack, and was able to give sausage, cheese and brandy to all, and a bit of chocolate to Inai, who had never known it before. Night is falling now, but the rain has let up, the wind is fair, and we sail to the sunset.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lying in Wait

Last night late with much busyness. Discussed our plans first with Inai, after which posted a marine at her door with thought to keep her safe in the night.
Young Raelan remarkt that when Ventir's body was Found, Moffrey was sent to fetch the Captain, but took an uncommon long time returning from the Great Cabin, the which is only a few steps and a ladder from the Wardroom.
After reporting to the captain, was taken aside by Fra Veritan who advised that Ventir's neck was broke and that likely the cause of Death, the wound in his side being Bloody but not fatal.
And so to bed. Whereupon heard ghastly Whispers, viz, You will all die, the sea will take you as it took her, etc etc. Investigated but found nought save Mr Hazlett, very irritable, and Mr Hazelwood likewise. Still puzzled over why Ventir had a knife Wound, with his neck being broken. Slept with this Paradox in mind, rather than a pair of doxies, as I should Prefer.
Up in the morning for a grey wet dawn watch at the masthead, the Dawn scarce being seen through the brooding Clouds. Then to breakfast, where the company's mood was dismal despite my endeavors to Light it. Many heard the whispers in the night and were Troubled thereby.
Summoned the officers, midshipmen and others to the Great Cabin, where Inai called for a blessing of truth. I asked questions of those gathered, Know ye how Ventir got his wounds and died?, What manner of thing is It which Laithoren wounded with his Knife in the great cabin?, Mean ye any Harm to the ship or any one of its Companie, and Have ye been Evasive in answering these my Questions? Moffrey could not answer clearly Yea or Nay. It was seen that Hazelwood touched Moffrey upon back or Shoulder when he struggled to answer. Some Spells, we know, are effectual when the Caster touches the Victim. Perhaps Hazelwood has wrought some Magick to control Moffrey? Who, being a Lackwit would be easy to control. Perhaps Ventir was controlled in the same Manner?
One of the Marines admitted that, while standing sentry at the Wormerie door, he found himself asleep, at noon, the which explains how Tol Ventir came out from the Great Cabin unseen but does not answer Why nor who Slew him.
No villain having been unmasked by the Questions, we had all doff their shirts, save Hazelwood who insisted, by right of age and dignity, to do so Privately, the Captain accepting this. We then paraded the Men on the forecastle and examined them, but found not suspicious Marks nor wounds.
So with no Suspects, we devised a Plan of the captain shewing himself upon the Quarterdeck so that the Unseen might think empty the Great Cabin, wherein we lay in ambush. After a time, the Door opened and shut, and the latches of the Device moved. We saw no one and could strike nothing, but a thick Fog formed around us and we knew that our Enemy was there. Inai summoned a Light, and keen eyed Laithoren, discerning a Shadow among the beams overhead, shot it with three Arrows, and it cried out. The Shadow being high up, I vaulted upon the stern Bench and leapt Up, sticking it with my Rapier, drawing forth red Blood in plenty. Whereupon the Thing scuttled across the ceiling with great rapidity and out of the Great Cabin. The three of us gave Chase, not stopping for Tolen and the sentry who were Asleep, Laithoren following the blood trail down to the Berth deck.
We met there an Unnatural beast, like unto a clawed Crab the size of a Bull, and slew it by blade, arrow, and lance of light. Its blood or ichor was a sickly Grey, so we knew this was not the Unseen from the great Cabin. Laithoren traced the red blood down to the lower deck and bow, where the elf Mellon keeps a nest, and there indeed we found Mellon unconscious. Inai and the ship's Carpenter brought him Out to the herbarium, whereupon Raelan found us and said that strange things were happening on the weather deck and desiring that we should go thereto.
We found what seemed to all to be Mellon, who we had left unconscious in the herbarium, but now seemly awake and ordering the jolly Boat lowered. The men having done this, he descended the ship's side and into the Boat. We called upon him to Halt but he did not, nor gave explanation. Knowing this was some Imposter, and having neither catapult shotte nor Dwarf to drop through the bottom of the Boat, I gave the word and Laithoren did shoot him with arrows. The imposter fell wounded, but nonetheless he was able to speak arcane words, and our vision went dark. When I could see again....