Sunday, April 10, 2016

Fury of Dracula

This is game where one player--in this case, me--plays the Count, moving around Europe and evading the Hunters--in this case, Duncan, Chris, and Joshua. The Count wants to gain Influence in Europe, which he does by letting time pass or by disabling Hunters; the Hunters want to cooperate to track down and destroy the Count. 
As Vlad, I started in Spain and moved into France, but passed too close to Marseille; the hunters quickly found me before I'd laid many traps. I compounded my error by going into combat rather than breaking contact and evading the Hunters. I did managedto bite Mina, sending her to hospital in Madrid and gaining Influence for me. I scored another coup when Hunter in hot pursuit followed a false tip to Lisbon instead of my location in Paris. Unfortunately, the two remaining Hunters closed in on me and turned out to be better armed than I expected. Garlic and Holy Bullets did a lot of damage, and the Hunters mostly avoided my Fangs, which would have done damage to them and helped heal me. After taking 8 damage out of his 15 total hit points, I had the Count turn into bats and flee Paris for an undisclosed location to the east. 
We called the game there due to time but I think the hunters were well ahead. I took the Count into combat too much, and didn't lay enough delaying traps.

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