Friday, March 25, 2016

Xia and Bloodbowl

Game Night at Josh and Gwen's. At our table, the first game was Xia: Legends of a Drift System, played to 10 points with five players. I did much better than my first two attempts, getting a good trade route, a tier 3 ship, and 9 fame points, with my 10th pretty much guaranteed on the next turn. Josh then cashed in money for his 9th point, sold all his equipment to get enough to fund his ship upgrade, and used his ship upgrade to claim his 10th point and slip past me for the win. All hands had a good time.

Next up was Blood Bowl, in which each player manages a sports team. Cards are laid out to show the matches available and the rewards for each match; you decide which matches you want to play in, assuming you can claim your preferred spot before someone else does. You have to chose carefully between playing in more matches (for more rewards, some of which you get regardless of whether you win or lose) or putting more effort into winning fewer matches. I played the Humans for a couple of matches, just enough to get the concept and build up a respectable fan base, before I bowed out in favor of new management in the form of Tim, who took over and did quite well in the tournaments.

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