Sunday, March 29, 2015

Mage Knight

I received Mage Knight for my birthday, which is probably good; if I'd realized how many different components were involved, I would have been intimidated. Map tiles, character pieces, tactics cards, basic action cards, advanced action cards, spell cards, artifact cards, unit cards, wound cards, contol tokens, level/command tokens, skill tokens, several types of monster tokens, mana tokens, mana dice...and I suspect I'm forgetting something.
And yet it works. Yes, it's complicated, and I think I'd be happier with a little lighter version, but I could cope with it. That's not to say that I'm likely to be playing it without the rulebook close at hand, but after a play-through with Josh last week, I ran the introductory scenario solo and managed to survive, find the objective, and feel reasonably confident that I followed the rules. I found the city at the very end of the second day, having recruited a band of Peasants, and defeated five Orc tribes and two Mage Towers (okay, maybe one of them was really a monastery, but how was I to know? It had mages defending it, am I right? And maybe I shouldn't have torched it, but can't we let bygones by bygones?), and accrued 31 Fame and a neutral Reputation.

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