Saturday, June 8, 2013

Under the Lily Banners

I tried out the cavalry skirmish scenario, just to get a feel for the combat system. Two Croatian arquebusiers, which I suppose I'd call medium cavalry, attacked a French cuirassier. The French unit attempts to countercharge but fails his intercept roll; he reaction-fires one pistol but misses. Going into close combat, the Croats have momentum for +2 and outnumber the French 2:1 for another +1; the French unit has a morale advantage -1, expends his second pistol for another -1, and gets another -1 from the unit type matrix for being a cuirassier defending against arquebusiers, for a net modifier of 0. The roll is a 1, and both attacking units are defeated.

Not sure that makes a great deal of sense.

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