Saturday, June 29, 2013


Josh  and I had a 19 turn game of BattleTech, using MegaMek.  The terrain was fairly open, although there were some patches of woods and hills in the middle; no unusual terrain or weather. 16,000BV battle. My forces came in from the north.

I had three Perseus LRM mechs, two Warhammers for general use, two Black Hawks for combat, one Marauder II and Striker for assault, plus two scout helicopters and a machine-gun armed gunship. Josh brought one each Bandersnatch, Awesome, Marauder, Patriot, Stalker, Perseus, Albatross, Yao Lien, Men Shen, and several squads of infantry.

My scout choppers quickly located the enemy and just as quickly got shot down. I advanced, sending my Black Hawks to my right flank and my Marauder and a Perseus to the left; then I pulled both wings in and struck at his center, with the Marauder getting there first and dying in a couple of turns against four mechs, but killing several of his and giving time for the Black Hawks to get over and melee. Things were going well and I'd pretty much wiped out his center, when his second line started firing and a Perseus suffered an ammo explosion which triggered an engine explosion. Fusion engine, that is. The explosion destroyed that mech and severely damaged four others nearby. Things went downhill from there; I was still able to take down another one or two of Josh's mechs, but he knocked mine out faster. At game end, I had one Perseus left; he had the Men Shen, Yao Lien, and an immobile Albatross.

14 Mechs dead. 2 unrecoverable, 2 salvageable, 10 Inoperable.

My mechs went down due to:
Warhammer - engine hits
Black Hawk - engine hits
Black Hawk - engine hits
Marauder II - engine hits
Perseus - engine hits
Stalker - head hit
Perseus - ammo explosion
Warhammer - ammo explosion

Josh's fell due to:
Bandersnatch - head hit
Awesome 10KM - head hit
Marauder - engine hits
Patriot - engine hits
Stalker - head hit
Perseus - ammo explosion
Albatross - gyro hits

Josh said "In general, your stuff was more heavily battered than mine, taking more armor damage and crits to kill, and often losing multiple limbs before dying."


  • That gunship was worthless--too easily shot down. I do need some anti-personnel capability but that isn't the way to get it.
  • Similarly, I need to keep my scouts back until they can TAG things, rather than risking them while my LRM platforms are still out of range.
  • The Stalker, with movement 3/5/0, was way too slow. If I'd been able to send it in alongside my Marauder, I think that would have made a significant difference. 
  • Don't stackpole.

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