Sunday, April 14, 2013

Kestrel: The End

After discussion with our gamemaster, in which I expressed considerable frustration with some aspects of the character build system and he expressed a complete lack of interest in resolving the problem--which has been an ongoing pattern--we concluded that it's best to call this campaign dead. Therefore....

The Impetus sailing in company with us, and the service of the Company being wearisome, and uncommon dangerous, and ill Rewarded, the latter being the most salient point, I took leave of Prosperity, as being a ship woefully misnamed, and Kanak and I took my boat, that which I had paid for of my own purse, and joined the service of Caleb Grey. In keeping with this fresh start, I close my current Journal, and may in time begin a New one. Onward we sail, to Fortune and Glory!

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