Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Champions: Roundshot

I've had this concept floating around a long time, and finally created him, using the Hero System 5E rules. He's a simple brick. A short, chubby guy who wears a tuxedo and a domino mask, he is cheerful outgoing, possibly even manic; he's also naive, overconfident, and likely to go enraged when he sees innocents hurt.

Where did his powers come from? He doesn't know. It probably happened when he took that look tour around the Caribbean after his parents were killed. Was it that "special drink for the special seƱor" instead of the mojito(s) he'd ordered ? Or the voodoo ceremony, which he'd thought was kinda hokey but the locals seemed really scared? Or was it the visit to that Yucatan cenote--and why would they have carvings of elephants in Central America, anyway? Well, whatever their source, now he can bounce bullets off his chest and lift trucks, and he's going to Make the World a Better Place, somehow.

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