Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sailing in Company

Having boarded Prosperity, and made my Report, I went to my Cabin, and admired the Spyglass which Caleb Grey had given me. Had I been Asked to name a boon, I had chosen that Fra Veritan be invited to the court of Alzakarra, that he might study the great Book, for that would, I think, delight him greatly, and had I something of my own chusing, it had been of the art Martial, or else Musickal. Yet the Spyglass is of great use to a ship's Officer, and further a Handsome gift, both in its own right, for it is finely worked with Filigree, and for its Value, that being, I reckon, four hundred gold or more. And it fits nicely into my Belt.
And I called Fra Veritan to examine the Books, who said that the Musical book is written in the Kannae, a script for holy works, and the other book is a meditation in, he said, the Mazite tradition, and that one I gave to him. The herbal and bestiary, and the third, are in the writing of Druids, and the last book, whose illuminations be spirals and swirls, is, he says, in the Draconic tongue, much used in dweomercraft. 'Pon the latter I essayed a little Charm, for the reading of Incantations, but the pages are still a Mystery.
The Captain charged me to stay abed and rest, which is a Novelty, for such orders be seldom given to a Midshipman! But when I have prepared my Blades, the edge and the point, and anointed them, then I will rest.

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