Sunday, March 3, 2013

Golymin, 26 December 1806

Two quick, and odd, plays of the second scenario of the Russian Expansion to C&C Napoleonics. Each side needs eight Victory Points to win; the Russians can get VPs by moving units off their base edge. The French have 14 infantry and 3 cavalry units, and the Russians have  13 infantry, 4 cavalry and 2 artillery units; despite this, the Russians feel outnumbered--partly because the French infantry are all 4 block units, while the Russians are mostly 3 blocks.

Game 1:
The French start the game with almost all Center sector cards, and so launch their advance. The Russians have no center cards; they maneuver their  left to create a defensive line to hold off the French right. Desjardin uses one turn for preparatory musketry, then launches a mass bayonet charge with his entire division. The Russian center shatters, giving the French four VPs and getting them in position to cut off the Russian right. The Russians resign after a total of three turns.

Game 2:
The French left rolls over the Russian right, which barely gets off a shot in return. However, the Russians start with Forced March, which allows them to pull back their entire infantry line in the center (except for the hapless regiment in Kaleczin, which gets thrown to the wolves); they follow with Grand Maneuver, which allows them to withdraw four units off the left baseline. In a total of five turns, they pull out eight units and win, 8 to 3.

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