Sunday, January 13, 2013

Letter home

Unto Rook Langstaff, Langstaff Smial, Halfling Hill, Baldur's Gate,

Salutations, Runt! And greetings to Mistress Mayflower, and to Olive, Orchid, and Osprey.

As I said in my missive dated 8th Ruthven, I have taken service of the West-Sea Trading Companie, and am now aboard their ship Prosperity, in the capacity of Senior Midshipman. As you doubtless expect, the promotion came not of Navigation and Seamanship so much as quickness of Wit and Blade; for since leaving Waterdeep I have been engaged in three Actions and two other occasions at arms, and in defense of the Ship and its people have slain nine Men, three Ghouls, one swamplight Lynx, one Crab the which was somewhat greater in Size and Girth than Fern Underhill's father's white bull, and one Ghost. It would be best not to tell any of that to Father.

I have in these Adventures gotten a bruise or two, and mayhap a scrape, but we have a good Healer who looks after me so you, and more to the point Father, need have no Fear. Midshipman's pay is not o'ergenerous but I may be Promoted to lieutenancy ere long, and meanwhile have picked up a few petty stones and trinkets to amuse myself and make the Voyage worthwhile. One of these stones is a slate from the dwarves of Llewellyn, bearing in runes the word Uzzik, viz, Dwarf-friend; and the getting thereof is its own tale. And another thing I have gotten, worthy of its own tale, is Mother's gift, although it were best not to tell Father that either. While on the Moonshaes coast, I drank of a Moonwell, and since then can work Magick, albeit minor weavings only, as yet.

When next you send an agent to Waterdeep, twould be better for him not to call at Sanremi House, for the name Langstaff may be received not well there. Send, I pray you, my Affection and the enclosed letter to the half elves Ravihana and Alihana, of Threeoak Way or the fane of Sune. My warmest affections also to Tamarie Brightleaf at Sune's House in Baldur's Gate, and our aunt Phoebe; and send also to Meadowsweet and her family.

The ghost we fought was an elvish Spirit, hight Elereisolon the Seawarder. I have made, although not completed, a Lay which tells his tale, and enclose a copy here; the Music I have sung it to is Misty Mornings. I enclose also one claw of the Lynx I slew, for Olive.

I have much more to tell, but must close, for the vessel which will carry this to Athkatla must soon depart.

I remain,

Written aboard Prosperity, on the Sword Sea south of Flamsterd,  xx days out of  Waterdeep

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  1. Rook is Kestrel's brother; Mayflower and the O's are Rook's wife and kids. Kestrel's father is Crane; Kestrel's late mother was a bard; the mandolin, rapier and dagger Kestrel carries were hers. Meadowsweet is Kestrel's sister.