Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Actions and Disorders

One of the characteristics of land warfare is that, in a given time period, well trained troops can do more stuff than green troops. You can give an order and trust that the elites know what to do and where to do it; with the new meats, you have to watch them to make sure they do it right, shoving or yelling as needed. Any game that gives each unit, regardless of quality, the same number of actions, isn't going to give a good depiction of what happens.
One way to handle that is to assign, based on quality, a varying number of actions for a unit to take during a turn. An elite might get three, a regular unit two, a green unit one. On the other hand, it's not like the elites are all jogging along at 15mph while the greens are only doing 5mph, so you're still not going to get a realistic depiction of some situations.
I'm thinking that a more realistic way might be to impose a chance of Disorder on units when they take actions; poorly trained units will get a higher chance than elites. This means that an elite unit is likely to be able to operate smoothly--although even they will need to take a break every now and again--while a green unit will need to spend a lot more of their actions to recover from Disorder.

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