Sunday, October 7, 2012

Shore Party at Llewellyn

Reported to Captain Garrity who, being much pleas'd with my having safely brought back Inae, Grayson and the sailors, and also myself (and twas clear that was the order of preference, which amused me). I turned in my written account of the confounding of Moffrey and the events of Seawarder's Cove, and chose to cast Light--my first spell weaving--upon the parchment, to be sure the Captain fully understood that I had been changed by the Moonwell.* The Captain, having a vacancy of senior midshipmen and, presumably, being desperate, offered to promote me thereto. I weighed the offer with some misgivings, for being responsible for aught save Kestrel is not much to my liking, being often a care and a burden, but accepted nonetheless.

The next morning Prosperity, having rounded the cape while I slept, made Llewellyn port, wherein we found the Silver Rose and many another ship and boat, sheltering from the weather. I was assigned to command a shore Party of ten men, at once shewing that my Misgivings on promotion were well founded. 'Tis fortunate that the town is small and I well liked by the men, for in the first furlong, only two of my chicks wandered off, and those we found at the Feckless Firbolg, a tavern popular with seamen, although in truth the Port was so swelled with sailors, that any House with food, drink or girls had a share of custom. The shipping Office was even depleted of coin, making it impossible to exchange our Writ of credit for gold. This troubled me somewhat, the Captain having ordered me to purchase a jolly boat to replace that taken by Moffrey, but through judicious inquiry and much walking, we found a fisherman, named Dovon. This man having been wounded in the hand by a poisonous Fish, was unable to row or cast nets, and much troubled by want of money, whereupon my offer, to buy his boat for the Ship, was gladly received. This sum I paid out of my own pocket, although I despair of wringing specie from the purser in a timely fashion.

After making said purchase, being aided by Lannel, captain of the maintop, we shepherded the Men back to the Feckless Firbolg, wherein they had merriment, and I did not. The Women of the tavern being neither sophisticate nor adventurous, I found no interesting Companionship, which vexed me, although it was perhaps as well, for I was able to keep my Party under my eye, and return with them to Prosperity at the allotted hour. As we came to the Mole, a lad gave me a Message, namely, that a certain Woman, of the Silver Rose, desired to speak with me. This woman I had indeed met at the Feckless Firbolg, she being strong featured and with a warrior's scars, and had spoken to her somewhat, and saw that our Grayson had spoken yet more; but I thought it unlikely that this message was in good Faith; and if it were thought that dancing attendance to her call not likely to win her; and in any wise I had no Time to pursue the matter before nightfall, when I must by order return to the Ship.

My vexations in the Tavern were somewhat repaid in other means, for Silver Rose invited the Captain to dine, and I accompanied him, and her Master, Harret Govan, sets a very fine table indeed. Captain Garrity and I were the only guests, although Govan's shadow, that selfsame scarred woman, stood behind him. We might have been merry with more seats filled; yet the fewer Guests, the more Food to each, so I regretted it not in the slightest. A sharp liqueur, followed by a delightful cheese of triple cream, toasted with soft bread and porter; a cream of barley soup, very good; a rich Goose roast with white wine, Almonds, basil and a giblet onion gravy; raspberries and apples to clear the Palate; crusted rare roast of Beef, with mushrooms and pudding and a red wine reduction; a mix of root vegetables, viz, parsnips, new potatoes, carrots, sweet beets, onions. and something crisp and sweet which I did not recognize; watercress and cucumber vinaigrette; most excellent Pastries of duck foie gras and bacon; a rapturous smoked cheddar, taken with much good port; suet pudding and spotted dick, with a hot custard for sauce; and to finish, walnuts and hazelnuts and ratafia biscuits and more wine.

I had very nearly eaten my Fill, almost, when it came time to leave, and take boat back to the Prosperity. No rest yet, though, for Captain Garrity has charged me with a secret Mission, and I must plan it now, for tis to be put into Execution tomorrow night.

*It was a glowing report.

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