Thursday, October 11, 2012

Savage Worlds action

First playthrough of the Savage Worlds: Deluxe rules.

Dramatis Personae
  • Axel Mann: d6 fighting, d8 strength, axe and pistol
  • Marcus Mann: d8 agility, d8 shooting, two pistols and knife
  • Father Mann: d4 vigor, pump shotgun
  • Jack (pistol) and Jill (knife)
  • Bonnie (pistol) and Clyde (knife)
  • Ken (knife) and Barbie (knife, wildcard, d8 smarts)
  • also appearing: Molly McGuffin as The Captive
  • All skills and traits are d6 unless otherwise specified. Good guys each have two bennies left unused. Cultists other than Barbie are Extras, and are in pairs for initiative.
    Our team bursts through a door and finds they're at the top of a stairway that leads down to a large vaulted cellar. Molly is chained to a wall and the cultists are preparing to do Unspeakable Things (tm) to her. Flickering torches, bodies of previous victims against the wall, the usual props. 

    Round 1: the Mann team lucks out and gets high cards for initiative.
    • Axel: bound down the stairs and chop at Ken. He rolls a d6 = 6 and wild die d6 = 3; the Ace roll for the d6 is a 6, with another ace roll of 5 for a total of 17. Against Ken's parry of 5, that's a hit with a raise, which give 1d6 extra damage (extra raises beyond the first don't add anything). Damage is strength d8 = 4 plus weapon d6 = 3 plus 1d6 for getting a raise on the to-hit roll = 2, total 9. Ken's Toughness is 5 so this is a success and a raise. Ken is Shaken and Wounded, which takes him out of the fight.
    • Marcus: tries two gun mojo, firing at Bonnie and Jack. His right hand attack rolls Shooting d8 = 3 and Wild d6 =1, and his left hand rolls d8= 2 and d6= 4. Both attacks are at -2 for taking two actions, and the left handed shot is at an additional -2 for offhand, so Marcus realizes that two-fisting gunning isn't for everyone.
    • Father: leans down and fires his shotgun at Jack, rolling d6 = 1 and Wild d6 =1. Even with the shotgun's +2. these are misses. Clearly the Mann team's luck was all in the initiative.
    • Jack fires at Axel as the most obvious threat, and hits with a d6=6 + ace roll d6=3 for a total 9. This is a raise and adds 1d6 to damage, in addition to the pistol's normal 2d6, for a total of 2+1+5 damage = 8 damage. Compared to Axel's 5 Toughness, this is not a raise, so Axel is Shaken. 
    • Jill charges Axel and slashes. Her d6= 2 isn't enough to beat his Parry of 5.
    • Bonnie fires at Marcus, and misses with a 2.
    • Clyde goes in and hacks at Axel, and predictably misses with a 2.  
    • Ken bleeds.
    • Barbie takes partial cover behind Molly and chants.
    Round 2:
    • Axel: rolls a Spirit d6 of 1 to fail to remove his Shaken status. He sighs and spends a Benny, which means he can act normally. He hacks at Jill with a d6 = 5 and a Wild d6 of 5. That's a normal hit. He rolls Strength d8 = 6 and weapon d6 = 4 for a total of 10 damage. Jill is Shaken, Wounded, and out.
    • Father: consults the initiative sequence and fires at Jack. He rolls his Shooting d6 = 4, his Wild d6 = 6, plus an Ace roll of 2, plus the shotgun's +2, for a total 10. That's a hit and a raise. The shotgun does 3d6 damage plus 1d6 for the raise, which works out to 5+4+1+1 = 11. Jack is Shaken, Wounded and down.
    • Barbie: chants
    • Jack & Jill: both down
    • Marcus: fires at Bonnie with a d8 = 5 and a Wild d6 = 6+3 = 9, which is a raise. His shot does 2d6 +1d6 = 4+2+1 = 7 damage, which makes her Shaken but not Wounded.
    • Bonnie & Clyde: Bonnie rolls her d6 Spirit to recover from being Shaken, and gets 6+1, enough to pass but not enough for a raise. She can only take "free actions", so she moves to a spot behind a pillar, to gain Cover. Clyde slashes at Axel but misses with a 3.
    Round 3:  Bonnie & Clyde’s Jack of Spades beats Axel’s Jack of Clubs to win initiative.
    • B&C: Bonnie aims (+2 to hit) and shoots at Father, who had partial (-1) cover, and hits with a 4. Her pistol does 2d6=4+5=9; Father Mann is Shaken and Wounded. Father decides not to try a Soak roll.
    • Clyde tries to knife Axel, gets a d6=6+ ace 2= 8, which is a hit but not a raise on Axel’s Parry 5. He does damage of Strength d6=5 and weapon d4=3 for a total 8, against Axel’s Toughness 5; Axel is Shaken again.
    • Axel tries a Spirit roll d6=4 (Wild d6=2) to recover from being Shaken, and succeeds. He could take a free action but doesn't see anything useful to do, and decides to Hold his action.
    • Father Mann rolls Spirit d6=6+5=11 to easily recover from being Shaken. He blasts Bonnie, firing d6=2, wild d6=3. Add 2 for shotgun, subtract 1 for cover, and the 3 is a hit. He does 3d6 damage = 6+3+6 plus ace 6+3 plus re-ace 2 for a total 26 damage, which is a hit with 5 raises (5 is a hit, 9, 13, 17, 21 and 25 are raises). Bonnie is so dead, she’s not even eligible to be a zombie.
    • Ken, however, is. He rises to his feet; Axel uses his Hold action to move to the other end of the room, denying Ken the chance to bite. However, this gives Clyde another chance to attack as Axel moves out of melee. It's a regular attack; he rolls d6=2, which misses.
    • Barbie, seeing which way things are going, stabs Molly out of spite, and then flees, exiting through the small door towards the back of the room.
    • Marcus, whose card was a 2 of Hearts, fails to get a shot off in time to stop Barbie. Instead he aims (+2) with a Called Shot (-4 for the Head), and shoots Ken, rolling d8=6 +2-4, which is barely hits. Damage is 2d6 = 5+4, +4 for the head shot =13.
    At this point, Clyde realizes his leader has abandoned him, the rest of the cultists are dead, and if he's killed now, he's likely to become a zombie. He decides that surrendering might be worth considering.

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