Sunday, July 29, 2012


Lord Ventir having been found dead, the Captain was sent for with haste. He, apprised of the happening, returned with Lady Inai and I to the Great Cabin for a privy conference, and summoning Laithoren as well, the Captain warranted us to investigate. There is a Second binnacle in the Great Cabin, and concealed therein is a Device of rare design. Perceiving that one of the Latches of this devyce was Undone, I asked the Captain what was it? Whereupon the Phantasm appeared and rushed at the Captain. Laithoren cut at the Phantasm, but it took no harm thereby, nor did it work any ill upon Captain Garrity. The hunter saw some little sign of movement by the door, and slashed at it with the dagger, drawing blood from an Unseen foe but not enough to lead to capture.
Examined Lord Ventir's body, finding a bruise on the Head and a stab into the liver, which wound was, from the blood trail, inflicted as he lay in his cot. There was also a strand of caterpillar Silk. The Wound was covered by his shirt, which was not pierced through.
Upon questioning various officers and marines, I believe the story to be thus:
  • Shortly before noon, someone told Mr. Moffrey to pass the word that Lady Inai wanted to see Mr. Tolen in the herbarium. Mr. Moffrey does not remember who told him this, but he passed the word to Mr Raelan, who told Mr. Tolen, who went on a fool's errand.
  • The marine Sentry at the Wormerie door reports that Lord Ventir entered after Mr. Tolen left. Neither the Sentry nor his Relief saw Lord Ventir leave.
  • The noon sight, with the captain and Mr Hazlett in attendance, and myself and the midshipmen, the noon sight being one time when it is certain the Captain will be out of the Great Cabin.
  • The phantasm at the yardarm frightened the Men, and one fell into the sea, attracting the attention of all on deck.
  • The man being rescued, a second phantasm appeared at the rail, which I attacked.
  • The Captain, Lady Inai and I went to the Great Cabin, where Lady Inai sought whether any Magick was imbued in my blades. I expect if someone unseen was in the Cabin, Lady Inai would have become aware of the enchantment rendering the lurker invisible.
  • Blood spots were found by the Second binnacle, and a hair from Lord Ventir; a further blood spot was found by the Wormerie jamb, and the ladder to the wardroom, and a blood soaked bread crumb under the wardroom table.
I believe Lord Ventir entered the Great Cabin to look at the Marvellous Device, but was struck down by the unseen Assailant, who then used the Phantasm to distract the sentry and others on deck. The Assailant then carried Ventir down to his cabin and slew him, but covered the wound. The Assailant then returned to the Great Cabin as he had opportunity, until Laithoren heard him.
Questions which trouble me:
  • How did it happen that both Lord Ventir and the mysterious Unseen both picked the same time to enter the Great Cabin? Noon, yes, as the Captain would be at the noon sight, but still it is a Coincidence which troubles me.
  • Why would the Unseen attack Lord Ventir at all, instead of remaining hidden?
  • Why carry Lord Ventir back to his cabin, instead of opening the stern lights and dropping him out? Mere distraction would not be enough to remain unseen. But the blood trail leads that way. Why did the Unseen expect to remain hidden?
  • Why is there a crumb with blood under the wardrobe table?
  • Why try to conceal the wound?
Things to do:
  • Keep Lady Inai safe, as she is able to detect magic and lies.
  • Examine every man for the knife wound which the Unseen got by Laithoren's hand.
  • Hide in the Great Cabin by whatever strategem, and lay in wait for the Unseen to enter.

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