Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Brits vs Americans

My Saturday afternoon game at Historicon was a fictional Close Action scenario, pitting Brits vs Americans in 1821. The Brits had 10 ships, ranging from 74s to a 110, while the Americans had super 74s and super 44 frigates. All ships had A or B crew quality, and were heavily armed. (One ship got a 45 gunnery result without either Initial Broadside or Rake modifier).
The scenario started with both squadrons in line ahead, close hauled, with the Americans a little closer to the point where the lines would meet. The Americans were in two lines, with their four frigates behind the line of battle ships.
The Brits wanted to keep the action at medium long range, where the American carronades and medium guns would be less effective; consequently we planned to turn in succession to a broad reach and then fade away from the USN line. The American plan, as it turned out, was to let us do what we planned while they sent their first few ships around to windward to come down and break our line. The American plan worked pretty well, trapping most of the second squadron (four of whom were inexperienced players) to windward, making it difficult for the other RN ships to come to their aid. The Americans did have a couple of ships fairly thoroughly beaten up, including Delaware which was sacrificed to break the line, but they definitely came out ahead. Both sides played well, including the four new guys on the British side, and it was a very intense battle. I'm still trying to figure out what the best British plan would be.

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