Sunday, June 17, 2012

Setting Sail

Kestrel Langstaff's personal journal, written aboard the Prosperity, sailing to the Western Seas.

The last day ashore was very busy.
On 8th Ruthern, in the small hours of the Morning, I was accosted in an alleyway by two Thugs, hired to do violence over the matter of a Woman, or rather, Two Women. I conversed with them on the Brevity of Life, and, having a sharper wit, put to them certain Points to which they had no Rebuttal. I left them in the alley and proceeded to the house of the ladies in question, to wit, Lady M____ and G____, and dallied there with them a while.
At noon, to the West Sea Trading Company's offices, where I was invited to join the complement of the Prosperity, sailing that very next morning. Spent much of the afternoon gathering Supplies for such a voyage.
A man came to my room at the inn, claiming to be from Sanremi House and having a Proposition. He offered certain monetary incentives for me to provide Sanremi with a navigational Journal and such strategical observations as would be of Worth to a Merchant House. I balked, whereupon he added more money and an unsavoury magic Item, and I felt it best to appear to acquiesce with vague promises, with the which he did seem satisfied. Leaving the inn, I said my goodbyes to my Friends, and particularly to lemans Ravahana and Alihana, offering such Consolation as I could before my Departure. After midnight turning to 9th Ruthern, I took my leave of them and made my way to the Docks, and thus aboard.
I share my berth with an Elf, by name Laithoren Mistrellen, who speaks but little and whose Accent is rustic. He says he is an archer and a Hunter, although he does not explain why he joined our Company. He seems never to have seen a Ship before.
It being the third hour of the morning, and high tide, Prosperity cast off and made sail. In retrospect a momentous Occasion; but my presence not required on deck, and the day before having been most Strenuous, I was in my berth and slept through it.

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