Sunday, June 17, 2012

Aboard Prosperity

First morning aboard Prosperity. Much merriment in the Wardroom at the expense of the newcomers, including myself--to wit, "Here be our new Dragon Slayers!" and so in the same vein. Reported to the Captain who assigned me as Supernumerary Landsman--not consonant with my years of Experience, but he is content with his Officers as they are. I shall assist the Boatswain and as lookout.
The ship's Company includes:
  • Captain Garrity: an experienced and thoughtful commander, educated in elfen History as well as naval and professional matters. I have spoken with him regarding certain matters and believe I have impressed him favorably with my Judgement.
  • Hazlett, first lieutenant: a driven man and without Humor, but competent. Methinks he is Fearful but of what, I know not.
  • Mellon, second lieutenant: an elf of few words.
  • Hazelwood: purser. "A thin Purser is an honest one."
  • Greyson: captain of Marines, pleasant of Manner, skilled with Pen as well as Sword. We engaged in Sword play for amusement, wherein he Bested me, but not without Effort. He has been to Port Fortune (as have many aboard, though not All) and I have hopes that he will be more forthcoming as to what Awaits us than were the Company agents ashore.
  • Moffrey: senior midshipman, a post I would have expected for a boy rather than a man of his years
  • Raelan: midshipman
  • Hythe: boatswain
  • Fra Veritan: a cleric, easily Quailed by talk of slaying and such. I do not know why he is aboard.
  • Lady Inai: Healer, I believe, or so it seems from words she spake to Laithoren. She has not spoken to anyone else that I know of; she seems curiously unaware of the pleasures of social Intercourse. She has a Familiar, the which is a silver otter. Perhaps she is a Druid or of such ilk, I do not know.
  • Lord Ventir: part owner of the ship and member of the Board of the West Seas company. He has a very fine Appearance. As I am not a longstanding member of the Crew, he asked me for an independent Opinion of the design and handling of the Ship, the which I honestly gave. He seem pleased with my forthrightness and I have hopes of Advancement, though in truth my service was no great or daring thing.
The food aboard is of full measure and good quality, and we are daily provided with Garrity's Gulp, a cup of the juice of some fruit from the Western isles, sweet and very pleasant to the Palate.
Two days out, we sighted Silver Rose, a Sanremi vessel out of Waterdeep, and she followed us when we changed course to the Southwest. Prosperity has the heels of her, though, and sailed her under the horizon.

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