Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Busaco: Ney's Assault

We had this scenario set up from the previous night's game, so we gave it another play. The center was heavily contested; the French force the British skirmishers to withdraw from the town and woods in midfield, a British counterattack retook the town. A hussar brigade attacked, forcing British infantry into square, but there were enough other regiments nearby to drive off the horsemen with heavy losses; a second brigade of hussars swept up the center to the artillery, and spiked the guns before withdrawing in good order. A heavy French assault recaptured the town in the center and drove through to the ridge that the Redcoats were trying to hold. On the French left, the British dragoons and Grenadier Guards advanced, breaking the French left wing, but too late to save the day. The score was French 7 (including both British generals), British 4. Josh said that this game convinced him that I use black magic on my dice.

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