Thursday, December 25, 2014

Prussians at Jena

I gave Josh the Prussians expansion for Command & Colors: Napoleonic, and we played the Jena scenario for our first game. And he crushed me, 8 to 0.  I moved a unit into a town on the French left and never really had the opportunity or the cards to protect it, and Josh slowly whittled it away. In the center, I wanted to prepare an assault on the town with an artillery bombardment, but didn't really do enough; I should have either spent more turns bombarding, or have thrown another regiment into the assault instead of using that order to fire the guns again. And on the right....sigh. I attacked his artillery battery with light horse, and of course he had, as always, a First Strike ready. My unit survived that and actually did a good attack on the guns, but not enough to kill it. And then his heavy horse and lancers polished off the survivors of the light horse, sauntered across the map to annihilate my horse artillery, and continued the attack to destroy my other unit of lights. I got three of his units down to one block each, but never managed to finish any of them off.

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