Saturday, June 21, 2014

OGRE Breakthrough

Had an OGRE game with Josh and Kelson, using the Breakthrough (expanded) scenario. I got an Ogre IV and six GEVs; the defenders selected 40 strength Infantry and 30 Armor, including a couple of superheavy tanks and one howitzer. 
My GEVs followed the river, with some maneuvering to make sure that I was just out of range for him to move and shoot; my Ogre came in at the center, then cut east toward the water. My GEVs, of course, mostly went poof, but I gathered them in the center near the OGRE, then scampered back to the water and pushed two into the swamp at the far east. Neither of them was disabled, and they exited on turn 7. 
My Ogre lost its missile racks early, and about half its treads by the end game, but then it crossed the last stream, nothing could follow fast enough, and I got off the map on turn 8. 
Final score was Defenders 47 points of damage to the Ogre plus four GEVs at six victory points apiece = 71; the Ogre side killed 84 armor VP (12 tanks plus the howitzer), 18 infantry (which, as I recall, was three platoons), and got 46 points for exiting the board on turn 7 (two GEVs) and 8 (Ogre) = 148. Victory for the OGRE side. 

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