Sunday, May 11, 2014


We unwrapped the Austrian expansion for C&C Napoleonics and gave a go to the Mariazell scenario, with Josh taking the Austrians while I took the French. On the left, the French had a couple of infantry units; in the center, a couple of light infantry; on the right, two light cavalry. The Austrians had two or three infantry units in each location, no cavalry, and some of their infantry were grenadiers.

I think this game was dictated by the cards, which said "the French will attack left and be unable to respond meaningfully to the center and right." On the left, I easily pushed back one Austrian infantry, and destroyed a grenadier unit with a single bayonet charge. And then I stalled. I did manage to drive home a light cavalry charge against the Austrian guns--and for a wonder, Josh didn't have the First Strike card waiting in his hand--but I was unable to finish them before the Austrian infantry to either side chased my horsemen away. A few rounds of unanswered musketry, and their center had destroyed mine; a couple more rounds finished off one of my cavalry and a wounded infantry regiment. Four banners, and victory went to the Austrians.

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