Sunday, October 13, 2013

Chamber of Eyes

This is the story of Kephalades muKhao, a warrior of the Runehorn kindred of the Bone Stele clan, and his passage through the Maze of Years.

In accordance with the word of the seer, I journeyed west, seeking the son of Bahamut whom the seer promised. At Thunderspire Mountain I came to the Halfmoon Inn, wherein I took council of those there, who bade me to the Seven Pillared Hall. And thus did I, and awaited to take whatever adventure Kord should send. Scarce had I entered when a half elf came crying for aid, saying that his friends were captured of slavers, they being a half orc, a human healer, and a dragonborn, and him being verily a champion of the Golden Dragon. So I offered my blade in service, as did two of the lesser folk there.

The four of us went into the Chamber of Eyes, which seemed an evil temple with heavy chains set across the floor, and some great carven Frog god at the altar. We fought there two hobgoblins, one an archer, the other a warcaster. Once the blood cooled, we heard sounds of struggle, and followed a hall to to cells, wherein the dragonborn and the others, though naked and unarmed, fought their jailers, who were dwarves of a type I had not seen before. They had power over fire. We slew them, in a fight that was harder than it should have been, for the narrow hall did not give room to maneuver, and, more importantly, the rescuers and rescuees had no experience in how to fight together. I will need to teach them.

I found two doors, which a hobgoblin would have thought hidden. One lead from a priest's chamber to the altar; the other was a trap door, on the other side of the altar. From the sound, its ladder led to a barracks kitchen, with hoblins below.

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