Thursday, July 4, 2013

Battle of Eylau, Take 2

We traded sides and played again. This was the Mirror Game, as the Russians generally played about the same card, in the same sector, as the French had just played.

Josh, as the French, opened the game by playing Bayonet Charge, which took two blocks off each of two Artillery, and killed a Russian regiment in the center; the Russian Bayonet Charge in reply destroyed a French regiment. We spent three more turns pushing back and forth in the center, rendering most of the infantry on the front line. Score is now 2:2.

On turn 5, the focus shifted to the flanks. The French took the windmill on their left; Russian cuirassiers charged past them and up the hill to saber the gunners. Score was 3:3. At this point, things started coming unstuck for the Russians; there wasn't enough infantry on the flanks to hold back the French, and there weren't any cards for the center section to let the regiments there transfer to the flanks. My gunners managed to bombard the windmill and destroy the regiment there, but the French finished off damaged regiments and won with a 7:5 victory. A much harder-fought game than our previous play of this scenario.

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