Saturday, September 1, 2012

Going Ashore

Spent the night at Sea in the boat, alternately, Wet & Cold, then Cold & Wet, then Drenched & Cold & In Fear Of Capsizing, then Cold & Drenched, etc etc. The next day, in the forenoon sighted a reaver Longship, whereupon we, with some effort, stepped the second mast and made all speed toward the Coast. Continued wet, cold, sleepless, & hungry, but as Inai also was cold, and wet, and wearing nought save thin silk, I thought it not mete to complain on what Fortune gave.
Discovered the said coast was inhospitable, viz, breakers on Cliffs & no place to land. Uncertain of position, but as a Storm brewed to the south, we sailed North. Found a break in the cliffs and a hidden Cove. The boat, being lifted by a Swell onto a submerged rock, did Capsize, but by clinging to oars, we came ashore without loss. No sign of Habitation nor shelter, but used the Oars, cloaks & branches of certain Trees to form a rude Lean To against the rock face, giving some little shelter against the Rain which has continually beset us.
Spoke with Moffrey, who, he says, was an agent of Sanremi House, sent to discover that device in the Great Cabin. He says he was discovered by Ventir in the Great Cabin, and, being attacked by the latter, stunned him, whereupon, he says, Ventir through mischance fell and broke his neck, whilst also driving his own Dirk into his side. Some fraction of this Tiradiddle could be, I suppose, in some wise true--albeit not much. He spake also of his magickal Belt, the which I have taken as spoils, and which, upon the speaking of certain words from an Elvish lay, reveals pockets, of the same likeness as my haversack albeit better hid and less capacious. There are divers vials, flasks, and tools therein.
Secured the Yawl and a mast through some effort on the rocks and in the water, then slept. Greyson and the two sailors are still weak from Poison, and cannot walk any distance. We must consider whether to send one or two of us west to find a road, or north where Inai hopes to find a moonwell, or all to put to sea again. And what is to be done with Moffrey? I favor a moment's work with a bodkin but Inai thinks ill of it.
It is now the second Morning after leaving the ship. I write this by candlelight as we await the dawn.

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