Sunday, January 1, 2012

Number of pieces

I was looking at Field of Glory Renaissance and With God and Glorious Arms, and not able to work up a lot of enthusiasm for either. The reason why, I think, is that both of them have a lot of pieces. By " piece", I mean "things you have to move on the map." It's not the same as "units", which are the elements which execute orders.
For example: in StarGrunt, you might have an infantry platoon, four squads of eight men each. You issue orders to the squads, and the entire squad carries out its order. When you move it across the map, though, you don't have one "squad" piece, but rather eight "solider" pieces; it takes longer to move eight pieces instead of one.
One of the things that made De Bellis Antiquitas popular was that each side has only twelve pieces. Compared to something like Field of Glory, where you might have sixty or eighty pieces on each side, you lose some detail; but you can reduce set up time and speed game play.

I want the smallest workable number of pieces.

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